This site has been designed as a meeting point for all Buzzi School teachers and students, for couples and families, for children of divorce, for academics and professionals, for all who care about well-being and peace.

There is an interdependent bond between “Studio T.d.L.“, who is a services centre, Isabella Buzzi’s School and publications, and the Philosophical Buddhist Association “Brahmaputra ONLUS“, in aim, focus and attitude.

Studio T.d.L.” of Isabella Buzzi Ph.D., offers these Italian and English speaking Services:

Couple and Conjugal Mediation
Family Conflict Mediation
Divorce Mediation
Step-families Mediation
Family Business Mediation
Family Coaching
Individual, Family and Group Counseling
Groups of Speech for children of divorce
Enrichment Groups for Parents and Partners
Facilitation to Assisted Negotiation
Conflict Management Consultancy
Educational Consultancy
Legal advice
Psychological Counseling
Clinical and Health Psychology
Expert Witness in Psychology
Orientation to services

Buzzi’s School offers training programs in:

Professional training program in Family Mediation
Supervision Groups for Family Mediators
Individual Professional Supervision for Family Mediators
Advanced Training Programs for Family Mediators
Three-year Training Program in Counseling
Specialization in Counseling
Supervision Groups for Counselor
Individual Professional Supervision for Counselor
Professional Training Program  for Group Trainers
Preparatory Training to AssoCounseling Admission Test

Some books and articles of Isabella Buzzi, Buzzi School students’ presentations and articles are posted on this site.